What is an "Antimicrobial Coating"?
Antimicrobial coatings are surface applied coatings containing an active ingredient that makes them effective against bacteria and fungal growth.
What is the active ingredient?
Zinc Pyrithione is known to be effective not only against bacteria but the growth of fungi, molds, mildew and algae (very safe product which has been in anti-dandruff shampoo for decades).
Will the "active ingredient" last?
Microban’s customized chemistries which are incorporated into plastic polymer products at the point of manufacture and provide continuous protection for the lifetime of the pallet.
Is this safe to use in the food industry?
Microban® is safe to use – approved by the FDA and the BPR (European Union) and is Food Contact approved.
Does Microban® offer other protections?
Yes, bacteria and molds lead to offensive odors. Microban® stops smells before they begin.
Has the effectiveness been tested to last?
Palltronics pallets coated with Microban® technology will maintain antimicrobial protective properties permanently throughout the pallet's useful lifetime. The treatment does not wash off, wear away or leach out and works around the clock to provide the highest level of product protection.