Palltronics pallets are the only shipping platforms that can be tracked and traced in “real time”. The location of your valuable product(s) can be determined much like the GPS works on your Smart Phone. This remarkable pallet also includes temperature and accelerometer that will ensure your perishable products arrive at the destination Distribution Center at peak quality. The accelerometer will indicate any unusual disruption or shaking your sensitive electronic devices may have experienced. This information is stored in “The Cloud” and can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anyone designated in your organization.

Active technology rather than passive technology is used which separates Palltronics from anyone in the industry. One minor player uses RFID to track but RFID can only tell you the last destination to which your product has been scanned by an employee – too much room for mistakes and missed scans. It offers no temperature or vibration information. In a cost saving effort, this company eliminated their server where much of the information had been stored. It is questionable how much information regarding tracking and tracing can be accessed. The RFID tags will still allow AGV’s, (automated guided vehicles) to read the tags and function within a warehouse environment. The Palltronics chip will also permit AGV’s to function while providing the additional technological advancements.