The Palltronics Pallet weighs less than 48 pounds, more than 20 pounds less than a typical 9-block wood pallet. This saves in several ways:

Reduced Unsalable Goods


Product Recalls


Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems or ASRS

  1. With less weight, trucks carrying your load will experience increased miles per gallon.
  2. If you weigh out your loads, you can add additional product.
  • The lead board on a wood pallet is the only thing between a 4,000 lb. forklift and your product.
  • If your configuration is edge to edge and the lead board has just ½” missing, your products will likely be damaged.
  • The exclusive use of the polymer Exobond coating and solid top deck eliminates broken lead boards.
  • The solid top deck will significantly eliminate damaged goods if you are shipping bagged goods such as pet foods, flour, sugar etc.
  • RFID is known as “passive technology” which will only identify the last destination to which your product has been scanned.  It will not find your product in a warehouse or club store or any other location not scanned.
  • Palltronics Pallets are equipped with a chip that can located your pallet anywhere in the world.
  • If your warehouse operated with this new technology, Palltronics Pallets function perfectly.
  • AGV’s or Automated Guided Vehicles also read the chips better and more accurately than any RFID tag.